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SPX3a-02-Q Broadband Access Integrated Distribution Box
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 Product Name: SPX3a-02-Q Broadband Access Integrated Distribution Box  




SPX Series Broadband Access Integrated Distribution Box (Network Connection Box) is an auxiliary equipment which is necessary for an integrated cabling system. It is mainly used in the installation of a network switch, a photoelectric converter and other devices. It does not only play the role in optical fiber access and photoelectric conversion, but also plays the roles in administration and scheduling. The products look beautiful, and they are easy to operate. They can be managed flexibly. All the performance indicators are fully in line with YD/T13132008 Standards on Integrated Distribution Box for Broadband Access.





 1.     Power supply sockets, network switches, photoelectric converter, optical fiber splice boxes as well as a variety of data wiring module can be installed inside;

 2.     In the box, the photoelectric devices connection can be done to achieve the goal of photoelectric conversion;

 3.     It has reliable devices for fixing and protecting optical cable and electric cable;

 4.     It has a reliable grounding device;

 5.     There is space for storing extra optical fiber and cable. Moreover, no matter where optical cable turns and its bending radius is 20 times greater than the diameter of the optical cable, the curvature radius of optical fiber is > 37.5 mm when it is placed inside the box;

 6.     The box body has good heat dissipation performance. The outdoor model is equipped with cooling devices;

 7.     The box body in the outdoor model is made of stainless steel. It therefore has reliable leak-tightness and protection performance;

 8.     It has a solid structure, which gives it excellent anti-theft and anti-damage features

 9.     The box body is processed with electrostatic epoxy powder coating technique, which gives the surface a reliable protection

10.   There are several structures available, such as wall-mounting, embedded type, floor standing; and also there are dozens of dimensions for users to choose from.  


Main Performance Indicators

Environmental conditions