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Optical fiber family standard expected entry into cities: 2017 will hold more than 20% of the market demand
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Fiber in China sales is greater than the United States, optical fiber technology first in the United States, Japan's second and third in China.Optical fiber in our country the status quo in annual sales, and technical level, maintained the international lead.According to the latest data show that in 2016 China's fixed broadband download rate is close to 12 m and 4 g, fiber door into a "standard", at the same time, the breakthrough of technology will lead the new cycle of the optical fiber.The agency predicted in 2017, domestic demand will remain more than 20% of the fiber optic cable, optical fiber prices will continue to be bullish.

Fixed in 2016 and 4 g broadband download rate is close to 12 m optical fiber door into a "standard"
Since 2015, issued by the general office of the state council "about to speed up the high-speed broadband network construction to promote policies prevailing worldwide network speed guidance", since the national related departments to promote broadband speed JiangFei work, usher in a new round of high-speed broadband network development in our country, the broadband speed sustained rapid ascension.

It is understood that at present, all cities built basic optical network cities in China, the optical fiber as "standard" has become a city family;Telecommunications universal service pilot project goes well, can also be used in central and western rural fiber-optic broadband;4 g network coverage, the rate of continued ascension, our country has built the world's largest 4 g network, 4 g users in the proportion of all mobile phone users has reached to 55%.From this report rate of network data can also clearly see that the great progress of our country broadband, both fixed and 4 g broadband download rate close to 12 Mbit/s, and made a sharp rise in late 2015.


According to statistics, in the fourth quarter of 2016, China's broadband speed smooth ascension, fixed broadband network average download speed of 11.90 Mbit/s, 3 g mobile broadband users access to the Internet as an average download speed of 3.89 Mbit/s, using 4 g network access to the Internet when the average download speed of 11.93 Mbit/s.

From the regional situation, 13 provincial administrative regions across the country had been fixed broadband download speed an average of more than 12 mbit/s, Shanghai, shandong, jiangsu, Beijing, fujian in the top five.Broadband rate list in municipalities directly under the central government and provincial capital cities, Shanghai, jinan, fuzhou, zhengzhou, Beijing top five.Look from the mobile broadband speed of enterprises of different operating conditions, the 3 g network users to download rate and 4 g network users to download rate China unicom are the highest, reached 4.81 Mbit/s and 13.72 Mbit/s.

In addition, in the fourth quarter of 2016 Chinese fixed broadband users of web pages, on average, the first screen rendering time of 1.15 seconds, network video download rate reached 9.34 Mbit/s on average, than in the last quarter had certain ascend.And conform to the degree of broadband access rate remains above 100%, relatively stable.

Fiber optic cable demand growing technology breakthrough leading to the new cycle of the optical fiber
Wuhan post science institute announced recently achieved 560 TB/s for the first time in domestic large capacity WDM optical transmission system and air separation of reusing experiment, the transmission capacity is commonly used 5 times the maximum capacity of standard single-mode optical fiber transmission system, can be achieved in a single fiber for 6.75 billion (13.5 billion) calls at the same time, marked the our country in "large capacity, long distance, high speed optical communication system research towards a new stage.The personage inside course of study analysis, the large capacity of optical fiber technology breakthrough, will drive the fiber optic cable market opens a new rising cycle.

Large capacity optical fiber market application, need to enterprise possesses from research and development of light rods, optical fiber output ability development and market competitiveness, namely ecological construction from the technical barriers and industry a competitive advantage, this will improve competition threshold, accelerate the evolution of fiber optic cable from competition to monopoly competition, have the advantage in the industry of the company will be more benefit in the tide of 5 g.

Active optical fiber industry in China in 2017-2022 special investigation and analysis of investment value forecast report, along with the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, the rapid rise of the Internet of things application, traffic surges to information and communication networks bring great challenges, to solve the network data stream "explosive growth" problem is becoming a global competition in the field of information and communication.According to the report, optical communication will become China's most promising to realize full beyond and leading industries.Domestic demand for fiber optic cable will remain more than 20% of the growth in 2017, and the fiber price will continue to call.

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