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RHTM Communication System For Outdoor Cabinet (Double Door)
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 Product Name: RHTM Communication System For Outdoor Cabinet  (Double Door)


 In order to adapt to service providers’ needs that the existing network resources shall be fully utilized in FTTx access; and to resolve the conflict among space, area and distance in the course of switching on; and to achieve the goal that FTTx access device is to be promoted to users. Heat-exchange system is used in the outdoor cabinets in the series to ensure that the environment inside the cabinets meets the requirements of communication equipment for normal operations. The interior components include a standard 19 inch rack, a temperature control system, a power supply system, access control and environmental control system, as well as wiring modules.


Product Features

 1.     It is suitable for being installed outdoors in the open air. It can adapt to a variety of harsh natural conditions outdoors; 

 2.     The shell is processed with double rust-prevention processing technique. It gives it excellent rust-prevention performance; 

 3.     Thermal insulation material is filled into the shell in two layers. It is therefore effective in terms of thermal insulation and dew prevention; 

 4.     The cabinets are well processed with water-proof and dust-proof processing techniques. The protection grade meets the requirements for Grade IP65 stipulated in GB4208;

 5.     A heat-exchanger is used in adjusting the temperature inside the cabinet, so as to ensure that the environment meets the requirements of communication equipment for normal operations; 

 6.     An intelligent environment-control system is used in controlling smog, temperature, humidity and access in a centralized mode.

7.     High density safety connector bars and testing connector bars are used in electrical cable distribution, which meets UL94VO standards

8.     The flame retardant property of interior plastic components meets the requirements for Grade FV-0 stipulated in GB2408.

9.     The 19 inch installation standard is used. There is sufficient space inside for cabling and cable distribution;

10.   It has a good grounding system. There are grounding points, such as the cabinet’s grounding point, AC protection grounding point, and DC protection grounding point.

11.   The cabinet door can be opened only with a dedicated key. Hence, it is safe and reliable. It gives it good tamper resistance.

12.   A power lightning protection system can be assembled. It meets the lightning protection requirements for Level C or Level B.   


Technical Indicators 

Operating environment

 Temperature at which it is being transported and stored: -25  -  +70 
 Temperature at which long-term operations take place: -25  + 60;
 Relative humidity: 5% 
- 98%;
 Atmospheric pressure: 62 kPa
 - 106kPa;

Power consumption (the cabinet's cooling system)

 220V AC voltage, the maximum current is 3A


The heat exchanger’s performance indicators

 Temperature at which it is used: -40 - +55 .
 Rated capacity: 100W/K.

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Add:No. 1,Kaiyuan Road,Binhai Industrial Zone,Shaoxing County
Contact person: Xu Chundi
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