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Integrated Cabinet
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Product Name:  Integrated Cabinet




Integrated Cabinet (Network Cabinet) provides the standard 19 inch or 21 inch installation space. A variety of active and passive 19 inch or 21 inch standard devices can be installed in the same cabinet. Moreover, with scientific designs, the space in the cabinet is divided for different cabling purposes, which makes the routing clear and organized. It is especially suitable for remote offices and module exchanges in a telecommunication network, or for accommodating a variety of network equipment in IDC engine/computer rooms.





·    The cabinet has a closed structure. It is made of high quality cold rolled steel, and the surface is processed with electrostatic spray processing technique. It looks beautiful and it has good corrosion resistance performance. 

·    The front door of the Integrated Cabinet is made of toughened glass, which realizes a good visibility. If the equipment requires high heat dissipation performance, then the front door and the rear door can be made of the material which has high permeability to oxygen. The rate of permeability to oxygen can be up to 75%.  

·     An air inlet is generally arranged on the lower part of the network cabinet. The front door of the cabinet is closed, whereas there are openings on the rear door. An adjustable air inlet is arranged in the front of the cabinet’s base plate. A wind deflector is arranged above the air inlet, so as to deflect cool air into the area between the cabinet’s front door and faceplate. Airproofed baffles are mounted on the two sides of the front column in the cabinet, at the top or at the bottom, and between upper equipment and lower equipment, so as to deflect all the cool air into the air inlet on the front panel without any leakage. After the equipment cools down, hot wind will be exhausted from the rear side of the cabinet’s top or from the rear door.  

·    The front door, the rear door and side doors are all detachable. It is simple to operate. 

·    The trestles mounted on the front and rear sides are movable, which facilitates the optimal use of space.  

·    There are holes for wire inlets on the top and at the bottom. Both upper cabling mode and lower cabling mode can be adopted.  

·    A standard 19 inch ( or 21 inch ) rack is used. A complete modularized design features strong function expansion.  

·    The standard configuration: fan flywheel, drawer plate, keyboard plate, movable shelves, AC power socket, DC power supply distribution module. 

·    It has a perfect and reliable grounding system. 


Available Dimensions (mm) 

Height: 1800, 2000, 2200
Width: 600, 700, 800
Depth: 600, 750, 900, 1000, 1100

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Add:No. 1,Kaiyuan Road,Binhai Industrial Zone,Shaoxing County
Contact person: Xu Chundi
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